Battery exchange robbed five times since opening

Taipei Times
Date: .Jan 08, 2021
By: Huang Shu-li and William Hetherington / Staff reporter, with staff writer

Hsieh Wen-ta, an environmental campaigner and footstool and curtain maker, holds a cushioned footstool at his kiosk in Yunlin County on Tuesday.
Photo: Huang Shu-li, Taipei Times

An environmentalist in Yunlin County who makes cushioned footstools for people to buy with used batteries has been robbed five times in six months, he said on Tuesday.

Environmental campaigner Hsieh Wen-ta (謝彣達), 58, who runs a 24-hour self-serve kiosk in Yunlin County, said that people have stolen from the stall five times in the six months since it opened, taking more than 50 footstools and prying open the register on several occasions.

Hsieh has been making footstools and curtains for nearly 30 years, and thought that running a 24-hour kiosk would make it easier for people to recycle their batteries and pick up the products in exchange when he was not available, he said.

“Even the batteries that had been recycled and the plastic bins for collecting them were stolen,” he said, asking that thieves leave the kiosk alone.

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