Beijing backs Vincent Siew’s Kinmen Forum proposal

Want China Times
Date: 2015-03-26

China has expressed approval of an idea from former vice president Vincent Siew of Taiwan to

Vincent Siew. (File photo/Hung Hsi-lung)

Vincent Siew. (File photo/Hung Hsi-lung)

hold a cross-Taiwan Strait forum in Kinmen, based on the approach of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), according to China’s Taiwan Affairs Office spokeswoman Fan Liqing.

Siew’s proposal of using Kinmen, a Taiwan-controlled island group off the coast of southern China, as a platform for cultural exchanges between the two sides of the strait, could help promote mutual understanding between the people of the two sides, Fan said at the office’s regular press conference Wednesday.

Minnan culture is the folk culture jointly shared by people in China’s Fujian province and in Taiwan, and is also “the most important part of Chinese culture,” Fan said.     [FULL  STORY]