Best places to celebrate fall in Taiwan

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Date: Nov 03, 2019
By: Carol Kan

PHOTO: Instagram/canon_taiwan

Taiwan boasts a huge variety of plants that blossom all year long due to its tropical climate, especially fall which features a wide range of colours, including red, brown, ochre, green and more.

If you have a chance to travel around this season, here are some must-see destinations to discover the beauty of fall. In addition to maple leaves that turn yellow and red around this period of the year, silver grass and florist's daisy are worth the trip too. In this chilly season, the colour of Taiwan is remarkable.

Silver grass blossom is another highlight of the season in northern Taiwan. If you are longing for a romantic walk among nature, the Caoling Historic Trail, located at the junction of New Taipei City's Gongliao District and Yilan's Toucheng Township, is a must. It is also a historic trail built during the Qing dynasty.

It's called "Caoling" — which means a grass hill — because it only features silver grass, no trees. In fall, many people like to go hiking in the silver grass field and immerse themselves in nature.

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