Breathtaking full circle rainbow described as ‘portal to another universe’

A footage of the rainbow has garnered more than 9 million views on Twitter

Taiwan News
Date: 2019/01/11
By: Huang Tzu-ti, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Full circle rainbow filmed by Twitter user @keatxngrant

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A clip shared on Twitter capturing the stunning view of a “full circle” rainbow last December has received more than 9 million views and been retweeted over 300,000 times.

Keat Grant, a 21-year-old Twitter user from California, posted the footage on Dec. 19 last year, asking “Have you ever seen a full rainbow before?” The location where the rainbow was spotted was not revealed, but the man apparently was standing on a balcony high above the ground when he filmed the footage.

The natural wonder was made even more breathtaking against the backdrop of a clear sky and above an aquamarine bay. “It’s definitely a portal to another universe,” he concluded.

The post has been flooded with comments expressing awe at the unusual sight. Alluding to the folklore that a pot of gold can be found at the end of a rainbow, a Twitter user quipped that since “it’s a circle technically there is no end, so we got bamboozled.”

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