Burn victim shares hope, experience with Taiwan water park survivors


Yao Hui-li

The victim of an acid attack has spoken out to share her experience of recovering from horrific burns, for the survivors of the Taipei water park blast.

Asia One
Date: 16 Jul 2015

TAIPEI: It has been 38 years since Yao Hui-li survived an acid attack by her ex-husband. But she still remembers the painful recovery vividly.

“You would think they were killing a pig when they were dressing my wound,” Ms Yao said.

“I was the pig and they were butchering me. Because when they removed the gauze, my flesh also came off and started bleeding.”

Ms Yao handed over a photo of herself with her son before the attack. She said the physical pain was not the worst part following the incident.

“A married couple came into the restaurant and sat across from me. The wife took a look at me and asked the waiter to change table. She didn’t want to see me,” she said.     [FULL  STORY]

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