Bus driver to face small fine after dangerous overtaking maneuver

Taiwan English News
Date: April 5, 2019 
By: Phillip Charlier  

The driver of a tour bus will face a fine of between NT$600 and NT$1,800 (US$16 – US$58), after a overtaking over double-yellow lines on a blind bend in a mountain district of Nantou County two days ago.

The driver, who caught the act on dash-cam, was forced to brake hard, and swerve her car into the guardrail to avoid a head-on collision with the tour bus.

Shortly before 2:00pm on Wednesday, April 3, Ms Zhong was driving on Provincial Highway 14, in Renai Township, when a bus traveling uphill suddenly appeared on the wrong side of the road. The dash cam footage showed that the bus driver was overtaking several vehicles while traveling around two blind curves.

Ms Zhong braked and swerved to avoid being hit by the bus, scraping her car on the concrete guardrail.    [FULL  STORY]

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