Cabinet calls for rational approach to nuclear power issue

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/03/12
By: Tang Pei-chun and Lilian Wu

Taipei, March 12 (CNA) Taiwan’s Cabinet said Saturday that while the 201603120022t0001government respects the appeals of the people who took to the streets to protest the use of nuclear power, it hopes they would view the issue rationally.

In a news release issued after a series of nationwide anti-nuclear rallies earlier in the day, the Cabinet said energy policy is a highly political and complex matter that involves special expertise.

In view of the fact that Taiwan imports 98 percent of its energy, the priority is to ensure a stable supply of electricity, the Cabinet said.

“The government respects the appeals of the people who marched (today), but it hopes the public could think rationally, respect the views of the professionals and empathically consider the fate of nuclear power in Taiwan,” the Cabinet said.     [FULL  STORY]

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