Cabinet hardens stance on railway workers

The China Post
Date: February 8, 2017
By: Sun Hsin Hsuan

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Two days ahead of Taiwan Railway Union’s planned protest n front of

In this file photo dated Sept. 6, Taiwan Railway Union members protest outside the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, demanding the improvement of their working hours and conditions. (Sun Hsin Hsuan, The China Post)

the Presidential Office, the government said it “would not placate” the demonstrators.

More than 370 workers had been officially reprimanded by the Taiwan Railways Administration for failing to show up for their scheduled shifts during the Lunar New Year holiday.

Some staff had been handed major demerits, while others had been dismissed, the railway administration said earlier this week.

Workers said they would stage a mass rally on Ketagalan Boulevard on Thursday.

Premier Lin Chuan said yesterday that the government was not prepared to placate protesters over the matter.    [FULL  STORY]

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