Cabinet: leaked remark from Transitional Justice Commission unacceptable

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-09-13

Cabinet Spokesperson Kolas Yotaka said Wednesday that the remarks leaked from the

Deputy Chair of Transitional Justice Commission Chang Tien-chin (left) stepped down from his post after leaked recording revealed he had planned to spread negative information about opposition candidate. (CNA Photo)

Transitional Justice Commission are unacceptable and have damaged its reputation.

The Transitional Justice Commission was established under the Tsai administration to address historical injustices during the one-party era. It has passed a number of controversial laws since its inception, including ones that allow it to nominate members with no government supervision.

A recording of the commission’s deputy chair, Chang Tien-chin, was leaked on Tuesday. In the recording, Chang said he planned to spread negative information about Kuomintang candidate for New Taipei mayor Hou You-Yi. Chang also said the commission will become the “Eastern Depot”. That refers to the ancient secret police agency that spied on government officials and silenced political dissidents.

Chang has since offered to resign. Premier William Lai also publicly apologized for what happened and its damage to the public’s faith in the government.    [FULL  STORY]

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