Cabinet wants answers on Lee’s case

MISSING:Beijing has yet to clarify where rights campaigner Lee Ming-che is being detained, what laws he has broken, and to arrange for his family and lawyer to visit

Taipei Times
Date: Mar 31, 2017
By: Alison Hsiao and Lu Yi-hsuan / Staff reporters

The government is also calling on Beijing to immediately arrange for Lee’s family and

Ministry of National Defense spokesman Major General Chen Chung-chi, center, is surrounded by reporters at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei yesterday. Photo: CNA

lawyer to visit him, Hsu said.

In response to media reports that the government has been keeping a low-profile over the case, Hsu said the administration is keenly aware of Lee’s disappearance and has continuously and actively been trying to contact Chinese authorities through various channels.

The DPP likewise said that it has been paying close attention to Lee’s case and reiterated the demands calling for Lee’s family and lawyer to visit China to protect Lee’s rights and personal safety.    [FULL  STORY]

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