Campaign to scrap ‘two areas’ starts

RHETORIC MATTERS:The coalition aims for constitutional reform, without which it says the nation’s independence and public opinion could be legally overturned

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 17, 2017
By: Chen Wei-han / Staff reporter

To remove legal obstacles for the nation’s “normalization,” a coalition has launched a campaign to scrap the “Taiwan Province” designation and a law defining China as the “Mainland area” of the Republic of China (ROC).

During an academic forum in Taipei yesterday, the first event of the campaign, a coalition of groups and academics called for the termination of the Taiwan Provincial Government and the Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council and for the removal of the Act Governing Relations Between the People of the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area (臺灣地區與大陸地區人民關係條例).

In the same spirit of the Additional Articles of the Constitution of the ROC, the act stipulates a unification agenda and defines both the “Taiwan area” and the “Mainland area” as part of ROC territory.

Economic Democracy Union convenor Lai Chung-chiang (賴中強) urged the government to phase out the two nonfunctional provincial bodies and scrap the act in a bid to end a “misplaced national identity” by changing the “one country, two areas” system.

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