CEC approves 7 referendums alongside local elections

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2018/10/09
By: Liu Lee-jung and Elizabeth Hsu

Taipei, Oct. 9 (CNA) The Central Election Commission (CEC) approved six referendum

Image taken from Pixabay

proposals at a review meeting Tuesday, bringing the total number to seven, including one on whether Taiwan should apply to attend the 2020 Tokyo Olympics under the name “Taiwan” instead of “Chinese Taipei.”

The seven referendum proposals will be held alongside local government elections on Nov. 24.

In addition, the CEC said it will take legal action against those suspected of forging signatures on referendum endorsements, which the commission said were found in all approved referendum proposals.

The seven referendums include one that will ask eligible voters 18 years old and over the question: “Do you agree that Taiwan should apply to participate in all international sporting events, including the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, using the name ‘Taiwan?'”

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