Central, southern Taiwan warned of increasing winds, rainfall

Want China Times
Date: 2015-08-08

Residents in central, southern Taiwan and mountainous areas in southeastern Taiwan’s

Flooding on the Xindian river in New Taipei, Aug. 8. (Photo/CNA)

Flooding on the Xindian river in New Taipei, Aug. 8. (Photo/CNA)

Taitung county should heighten their alert against severe weather due to southwestern winds introduced by Typhoon Soudelor as it moves away from the island, the Central Weather Bureau said Saturday.

As of 1:00pm, the storm was centered 30 km east-northeast of outlying Penghu county, moving at a speed of 18 km per hour in a northwesterly direction, the bureau said.

It is packing maximum sustained winds of 144 km per hour, with gusts reaching 180 km per hour, it said.

Although gusty winds and rainfall have subsided in northern Taiwan after Soudelor exited into the Taiwan Strait mid-morning, the storm’s impact on central and southern parts of the country has just begun to reach its fullest, forecasters warned.     [FULL  STORY]

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