Central Taiwan township goes ‘religiously vegetarian’ for an entire week

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 30 November, 2020
By: Leslie Liao

Once a week every 12 years, Puli Township goes vegetarian!

Once a week every 12 years, Puli Township goes vegetarian![/caption] Hundred-year traditions are hard to come by in any family, but what happens when it involves an entire town? Puli Township goes vegetarian for one week every twelve years. Why? Religion. 

Every 12 years, Puli Township in Central Taiwan’s Nantou County comes together and goes vegetarian for a week. You won’t find any meat at any food stalls, and you won’t be able to satisfy your carnivorous cravings by purchasing it at a market — either super or traditional. Why the move away from meat? Religion. This week-long town-wide veggie-binge is part of a hundred-year tradition. When something is that integrated into a local culture, enterprise can’t possibly beat out a one-hundred year heritage, right?     [FULL  STORY]

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