China NAND Flash Maker YMTC Aims to Lead Rivals, Ex-Chairman Says

Date: 11.02.2020 
By: Alan Patterson  

TAIPEI – China’s fledgling Yangtze Memory Technologies Co. (YMTC) is poised to lead Samsung and Micron with NAND flash technology that it will very likely license to rivals during the next few years. So says YMTC’s former acting chairman, Charles Kau.

In 2018, YMTC announced its Xtacking technology under which periphery circuits that handle data I/O as well as memory cell operations are processed on one silicon wafer using a logic node that enables high speed I/O speed and functions. Once the processing of that array wafer is completed, it is connected with another wafer containing memory cells through billions of metal VIAs.

The company won an award for its innovative technology at the 2018 Flash Memory Summit in California.

“They are ahead of everybody,” Kau said in an interview with EE Times. “In the coming two to three years, YMTC, with their original patents and original know-how, will be dominating this sector.”

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