China opens embassy in Dominican Republic after it deserts Taiwan

Beijing’s top diplomat denies ‘targeting any third party’ following accusations of economic incentives for countries to switch allegiance from Taipei

South China Morning Post 
Date: 22 September, 2018
By: Reuters

China’s most senior envoy inaugurated a new embassy in the Dominican Republic on Friday after the Caribbean country cut ties with Taiwan in a move that prompted US concern over the island’s dwindling number of allies.

Self-ruled Taiwan, which China claims as its own, now has formal relations with only 17 countries, almost all of them small and less developed nations in Central America and the Pacific, including Belize and Nauru.

“We have witnessed a historic breakthrough,” said Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi, the government’s top diplomat, in an speech televised by Chinese state media.

Along with the Dominican Republic’s decision in May, Panama and El Salvador have also switched recognition to Beijing in the past two years.

The United States recalled its top diplomats from those countries and warned that China was offering economic incentives in a bid for domination.    [FULL  STORY]

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