China prevents US officials from visiting Taiwan in various ways: FBI director

Wray describes China’s use of counterintelligence, economic espionage as ‘greatest long-term threat’ to future of US

Taiwan News
Date: 2020/07/08
By: Eric Chang, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer

FBI director giving speech at Hudson Institute (Facebook, Federal Bureau of Investigation photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses various means to manipulate and influence American officials from visiting Taiwan, according to the director of the FBI.

While addressing the Hudson Institute in Washington on Tuesday (7/7), FBI Director Christopher Wray blasted the CCP for its use of espionage and cyberattacks to achieve its goal of surpassing the United States. During his nearly hour-long speech, he described Beijing’s use of “malign foreign influence” to prevent U.S. officials from visiting Taiwan.

“Malign foreign influence efforts are subversive, undeclared, criminal, and coercive attempts to sway our government’s policies, distort our country’s public discourse, and undermine confidence in our democratic processes and values,” Wray said. In addition to using bribery, blackmail, and covert deals, Chinese diplomats also use economic pressure and independent middlemen to push their agenda, the director added.

According to Wray, when the Chinese government learns that an American official like a governor, state senator, or member of Congress wants to visit Taiwan, they leverage the official’s constituents such as American companies, academics, and members of the media who want access to Chinese partners and markets. Beijing will first try to influence the U.S. official overtly and directly.    [FULL  STORY]

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