China urged to respect human rights, free Lee

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 05, 2017
By: Chen Wei-han / Staff reporter

To mark the 28th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) urged China to transition to democracy and release human rights advocate Lee Ming-che (李明哲), a Taiwanese who it has detained since March 19.

To the world’s astonishment, young Chinese seeking the universal values of democracy and freedom sacrificed their lives during a bloody crackdown in Beijing on June 4, 1989, and 28 years later, China has become a global leading economy, but Beijing’s “authoritarian government is still challenging those values on which modern civilization depends,” the party said in a statement on Saturday.

China has suppressed its people seeking basic human rights, with rights activists constantly being threatened, under the pretext of maintaining stability, the DPP said.

“Democracy, freedom and human rights are universal values unbounded by national boundaries and should be enjoyed by 1.4 billion Chinese,” the party said.

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