China’s 26 Measures: ‘Wan Wan’ Is Already at Home

China's new 26 measures and its call for "Wan Wan" to come home are just trivial attempts to undermine Taiwan's 2020 elections, again.

The News Lens
Date: 2019/11/12
By: Syrena Lin

Photo Credit: Reuters / TPG Images

Last week, China's state-run broadcaster CCTV News anchor Hai Xia (海霞) called for “Wan Wan (灣灣)” to come home after Beijing announced yet another “26 measures,” in an attempt to attract Taiwanese talents and businesses.

The latest measures include offering Taiwan-funded enterprises access to research and development in 5G technology and granting Taiwanese athletes training in Beijing for the 2020 Olympic Games among other initiatives.

In a prerecorded video, Hai announced the new incentives and said, "We show our sincerity to our Taiwanese compatriots because we are all Chinese. Taiwan's destiny is connected with its motherland. Wan Wan come home!"

She added, "Some people are not being pragmatic about such practical measures. They also say strange things and even spread rumors and slander. If they don't have a Chinese heart, how can they understand our sincerity?"    [FULL  STORY]

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