China’s new PCL191 multiple launch rocket system casts shadow over Taiwan Strait

  • The ‘mystery’ hardware that appeared without a name at the National Day parade in October is the PLA’s most powerful MLRS ever, experts say
  • System capable of firing eight 370mm rockets 350km or two 750mm ballistic missiles 500km

South China Morning Post
Date: 7 Dec, 2019

By: Minnie Chan  

The multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) that made its public debut at China’s National Day parade on October 1 has been identified as a state-of-the-art piece of weaponry capable of firing both rockets and ballistic missiles, according to a leading military magazine.

A report in the latest issue of Modern Ships also gave the new hardware a name – the Type PCL191 – saying it was a modular launcher based on the AR3 system developed by China for the export market.

Unlike other weapon systems on display in Beijing, which had their names emblazoned along their sides, the Type PCL191 rumbled through the streets of Beijing on the back of heavy-duty trucks with almost complete anonymity.

A commentator for state broadcaster CCTV described it simply as a “self-propelled rocket launcher with precision strike capability”.    [FULL  STORY]

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