Chinese hackers prowling Taiwan’s systems: Chang

Taipei Times
Date: May 15, 2016
By: Chung Li-hua and Jake Chung / Staff reporter, with staff writer

China’s attempts to hack Taiwanese databases did not halt regardless of the state of cross-strait relations in the past eight years, as Beijing epitomizes Sun Tzu’s (孫子) maxim in the Art of War (孫子兵法): “Know your enemy,” Premier Simon Chang (張善政) said in an exclusive report published by the Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister paper).

Taiwan’s information security systems found traces of Chinese hackers every time a cross-strait negotiation event occurred over the past eight years, primarily in the systems of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Premier Simon Chang (張善政) said.

“Chinese cyberattacks have not been deterred by the calming of cross-strait relations as Beijing wishes to know what we are doing and our modes of thought, especially during negotiations,” he said.

The information obtained might not be used during the actual negotiation, but officials might be completely unaware that their limits or strategies are already known by China, Chang added.     [FULL  STORY]

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