Chinese reporter barred for ‘fake news’

QUAKE CONTROVERSY: Ye Qinglin said he was blacklisted for his reporting after the Hualien quake, when he accused a Japanese team of fearing to enter a building

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 29, 2018

Authorities have barred a reporter for a Chinese television network from working in the nation, saying he spread “fake news.”

It is the first time a Chinese reporter has been banned for “creating cross-strait conflict,” the Mainland Affairs Council said.

The decision was due to multiple incidents in which Ye Qinglin (葉青林), from Southeast Television in China’s Fujian Province, breached rules governing Chinese media in Taiwan, the council said.

The rules say that Chinese media must stick to a pre-approved plan and follow the principles of fair and objective reporting.    [FULL  STORY]

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