Chinese skipper arrested in Taiwan for shooting murder of four adrift at sea

The Standard
Date: 23 Aug 2020

A fishing port in Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

A Chinese boat captain, who is suspected of ordering the killing of at least four unarmed men at sea some six years ago, was detained by Taiwanese authorities on Saturday soon after he entered Kaohsiung port on a fishing boat.

The 43-year-old suspect was arrested when the Seychelles-flagged Indian Star docked in the southern port city at 8:50 a.m. Saturday, the Coast Guard Administration's investigation unit in Fengshan District said, CNA reports

According to Taiwan media reports, the suspect is a Chinese citizen, Wang Fengyu, but while local authorities confirmed his nationality, they did not release his name.

The man is suspected of involvement in the deaths of at least four unarmed men, who were shot as they were drifting in the water, clinging to some debris. It was not clear why the victims were in the water.    [FULL  STORY]

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