Chinese war would be swift: ex-official

WARPED REPORT?DPP Legislator Lo Chih-cheng said that Taiwan has prepared to counter PLA tactics, adding that Lin Chong-pin may have been quoted out of context

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 18, 2017
By: Chen Wei-han / Staff reporter

Former deputy minister of national defense Lin Chong-pin (林中斌) said that the

Former deputy minister of national defense Lin Chong-pin, left, and TV show host Li Si-duan pose for a photograph on Nov. 8. Photo courtesy of Public Television Service

Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) could conquer Taiwan by force within three days, but added that a peaceful unification between Taiwan and China is likely.

In an interview with the Global Times Chinese daily published yesterday, Lin said that Taiwan’s armed forces could only resist China’s “acupuncture tactics” for 48 to 72 hours, as the PLA could paralyze Taiwan’s command system using electromagnetic weapons and digital attacks.

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Lo Chih-cheng (羅致政) said it was likely that Lin was quoted out of context, considering the Global Times’ hawkish stance.

“China already has the ability [to carry out acupuncture warfare], which would be quite difficult for Taiwan to withstand,” Lin told the Chinese newspaper. “Taiwan has admitted that it can only defend itself for] between 48 hours and 72 hours.”   [FULL  STORY]

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