Chu contrasts own policies with rival’s proposals

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-01-08
By: Matthew Strong, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Kuomintang presidential candidate Eric Liluan Chu

Chu contrasts own policies with rival’s proposals.

Chu contrasts own policies with rival’s proposals.

emphasized the differences between his own policy proposals and those of his main opponent in his final televised policy presentation Friday before the January 16 elections.

The election is not about changing the person in charge, but about changing the right person, not the wrong person, because otherwise we will not know how the future of Taiwan will turn out, Chu said.

Attacking his Democratic Progressive Party rival Tsai Ing-wen, he described the past eight years as a period of opposition boycotts and protests without constructive proposals. The lack of response from the DPP could make voters doubt whether the party was ready to govern, he said.

Chu also emphasized the recent proposal to have a new Cabinet based on the majority in the new Legislative Yuan shortly after the election.     [FULL  STORY]

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