City councilor files complaint over online harassment

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 07, 2020
By: Lin Hsin-han / Staff reporter

New Power Party Keelung City Councilor Chen Wei-chung (陳薇仲) has filed a police report and a criminal complaint alleging online harassment on Facebook, she said on Saturday.

After reposting an article about the budget for a city exposition on Facebook, a commenter wrote that she was “unconstructive,” “lazy,” “eye candy” and a “fucking gay city councilor” who “gains from corruption,” Chen said.

She filed the report with the police for public insult and defamation hoping it would teach people who comment online to discuss public issues and not insult other people’s body or gender, she said.

Cyberbullying often occurs during election season, when she has received threats such as “you better be careful what you say,” comments about her gender, calling her “eye candy” or “bar girl,” and other sexual harassment, she said, adding that she was used to it.    [FULL  STORY]

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