Clean governance a common global language: Premier

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-06-25

Premier William Lai says clean governance is a common global language. The

Premier William Lai says clean governance is a common global language. (CNA Photo)

premier was speaking on Monday at the opening of Transparency International’s four-day regional conference in Taipei.

Lai says that “saying no to corruption” is the most important pledge a government can keep to its people.

“After Transparency International was established in Berlin, Germany in 1993, it has pushed for the cause in countries across the globe for the past 20 years. Its actions to fight corruption have made it the most world-renowned, international anti-graft organization. The indexes published by TI are the most trustworthy ones in the world. To date, clean governance has become a common global language because of efforts made by TI and various countries,” said Lai.

Lai said that over the past two years, the government has taken concrete steps to implement clean governance. That includes passing the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, the push for anti-money laundering laws, the revision of the Company Act, and the drafting of a bill governing non-profit, government-sponsored organizations.    [FULL STORY]

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