Cold sesame noodles sold in Taipei contain excessive E.coli

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-08-17
By: Ko Lin, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Ready-to-eat foods available in convenience stores are a practical choice for many, but

Cold sesame noodles in Taipei fail safety.  Central News Agency

Cold sesame noodles in Taipei fail safety. Central News Agency

eight out of 49 sampled products were found to contain excessive levels of Escherichia coli bacteria, even after a retest, the Taipei City Government’s Department of Health said Monday.

Initial testing results showed that of the 49 cold sesame noodles that the department purchased from convenience stores, street food stalls, and hypermarkets in the city in June and July, eight contained E. coli at levels exceeding the maximum permissible limit.

Among the cold noodles inspected, 16.3 percent of those sampled failed to pass food safety regulations.

The popular spicy cold sesame noodles sold by convenience chain Hi-Life in Taipei’s Mingchuan branch were revealed to contain excessive E.coli. Other failed cold noodles from well-known establishments in the city include Tofu Cold Noodles in Yanji Road, Hsiao Hsao Noodles in Tonghua night market, Jin Her Eateries in Tatung Street, Fu Der Shop in Nangang, Hsing Lung-zhiang Noodle Shop in Long-Chiang Road, Tien Li Noodle Shop in Wu-Chung Street, and Tsai Chi Noodles in Chiang-nan Street.     [FULL  STORY]

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