Cold snap brings snow to mountainous areas

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-02-03

A cold snap has brought snow to mountainous areas across much of Taiwan.

A parking lot on Mt. Hehuan covered by snowfall early Saturday. (Photo by CNA)

Mount Hehuan in central Taiwan saw up to 12cm of snowfall in some places Saturday. With many weekend visitors already in the area, large numbers of tourists ventured up the mountain to see the snow.

The Directorate General of Highways sent out snowplows early Saturday to ensure the safety of roads around Mount Hehuan. Due to ice, access to some stretches of road is being limited to cars with snow chains.

Meanwhile, a weather station on Taiwan’s highest peak, Jade Mountain, recorded 0.6cm of snowfall. With previous layers of snow still on the ground, total accumulation on the peak has reached around 9cm.

In northeastern Taiwan, the 2000-meter high Mount Taiping also got a dusting of snow early Saturday. This was the mountain’s third snowfall of the year, and saw an accumulation of 0.5cm.     [SOURCE]

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