Computer placement at home can affect addiction: research

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/11/01
By: Chen Chih-chung and Lilian Wu

Taipei, Nov. 1 (CNA) The location of a computer in the home is closely related to whether a student develops Internet addiction, according to the results of a survey by a research team at Asia University in Taichung.

Ko Huei-chen (柯慧貞), a chair professor of the university who led the research team, said an analysis of data compiled in 2015 found that the ratio of addiction almost doubled if the computer was placed in the student’s room rather than in an open space.

The ratio of a student becoming addicted to computer games was 11.8 percent if the computer was placed in the room, compared with only 6.2 percent when the computer was placed in a more public space.

Ko noted that if the computer is in a public space, like a living room, it is easier for parents to monitor their children and nurture better usage habits, which is less easy if the computer is in the child’s room.    [FULL  STORY]

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