Consumers’ Foundation criticizes authorities over toilet paper panic

Formosa News
Date: 2018/03/12

Despite the Cabinet’s promises to curb inflation and to keep the price of toilet paper at a reasonable level, the toilet panic continues unabated. Since the start of March, online retailers have raised toilet paper prices by an average of 15%, and high-street shops by more than 30%. Now the Consumers’ Foundation has weighed in to criticize government authorities for failing to protect consumer rights.

At the start of the month, cabinet spokesman Hsu Kuo-Yung denied the existence of a toilet paper shortage, and promised prices would stop rising. But less than two weeks later, his claims look rather flimsy.

If you go to a supermarket and inspect the toilet paper shelves, most are completely bare. When people realized the already inflated prices were keeping to their seemingly endless upward trajectory, many filled up full trolleys to take home.    [FULL  STORY]

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