Coronavirus Kent: MP secures life-saving equipment from Taiwan to tackle Covid-19

Kent Online
Date:\ 26 March 2020
By: Chloe Holmwood

The coronavirus has claimed more than 570 lives in the UK and in Kent yesterday saw the biggest spike in cases, with an extra 30 people testing positive for Covid-19.

With the need for more ventilators to tackle the pandemic, tech company Dyson has pledged to

MP Tom Tugendhat. Picture: Parliament TV

make 10,000, while Tom Tugendhat, the chair of the foreign affairs committee, has secured life-saving equipment from Taiwan and believes we should be learning from their strict response.

More than two months on from their first case, they have had just 252 people testing positive and two deaths.

Mr Tugendhat, the Tonbridge and Malling MP, said: "I am very glad we have changed our tactics. The idea that we could be aiming for herd immunity, I think, was wrong and I am very glad we have changed that.

"What we are now doing, I think, is right, which is protecting as many people as possible."

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