Could a Fukushima-style Nuclear Accident Happen in Taiwan?

The government’s target date for phasing out nuclear by 2025 could not come soon enough.

The News Lens
Date: 2017/12/06
By: Dinah Gardner

Taiwan Green Bulletin
There has been a lot of talk about more violent earthquakes set to shudder our planet


and Taiwan in particular next year.

First off, Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said in September that we haven’t had enough big quakes this year, leading to a build up of sub-surface energy and more likely possibility of larger temblors ahead. Then, last month, scientists were predicting stronger earthquakes next year worldwide linked to a slight slowdown in the Earth’s rotation; and some could be pretty devastating.

Earthquakes are dangerous enough, but when coupled with six aging nuclear reactors the question arises: could a Fukushima-type nuclear accident happen in Taiwan?

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