Court ruling expands students’ right to appeal school discipline

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2019/10/25
By: Lin Chang-shun and Matthew Mazzetta

Taipei, Oct. 25 (CNA) Taiwan's Constitutional Court on Friday issued a judicial interpretation expanding

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students' right to appeal disciplinary actions taken by their schools against them.

In Interpretation No. 784, the court ruled that students' right to file appeals in administrative courts, which are distinct from the ordinary court system that handles criminal and civil law, would not be subject to limits.

Under a 1995 ruling, also known as Interpretation No. 382, students could only file an appeal if the punishment would "change that student's status" and "hinder his/her opportunity to receive an education."

The review was prompted by the cases of two students in recent years who received demerits – which appear on one's academic record and can be considered in university admissions – but could not launch an appeal, since their cases did not meet the conditions set in Interpretation No. 382.

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