Craftsman in Yilan finds new ways to make lanterns

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 31 May, 2019
By: Jake Chen

Craftsman in Yilan finds new ways to make lanterns. (CNA Photo)

Lanterns are a popular decoration in many Taiwanese households. A craftsman in the northeastern county of Yilan has breathed new life into lantern-making by using recycled materials.

Lanterns of different shapes and sizes hang from the ceiling of Lin Chao-chin’s workshop. They are not just beautiful to look at- many of them are functional, serving as practical objects like vases, lamps, and fishbowls.

Lin used to work as a postman, but he became hooked on the craft of lantern-making after trying it out for the first time a few years ago. He has since been trying to incorporate discarded materials into the lantern-making process, incorporating cloth, bottles, and even leaves into his works.

Lin says that finding ways to put these materials to use brings him a lot of joy. He says he looks forward to continuing to push boundaries and to make lanterns in creative ways.

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