Criminals can be forgiven but crimes must be reprimanded: vice president-elect

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-02-28
By: George Liao, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Criminals can be forgiven but crimes must be strongly reprimanded; so the

(Source of the photo: Vice President-elect Chen Chien-jen's Facebook)

(Source of the photo: Vice President-elect Chen Chien-jen’s Facebook)

incoming government must carry out transitional justice to bring true reconciliation for the country, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Vice President-elect Chen Chien-jen said on Sunday.
“The 228 Incident is the most hurting tragedy in Taiwan’s history, and I prayed for the souls of people who died because of the incident to rest in peace,” Chen said on his Facebook page on the 228 Memorial Day.

“DPP Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen and I clearly understand our responsibilities to reveal more hidden truths about the 228 Incident and the White Terror period,” Chen said.

In related news, Tu Shih-wen, a 228 Incident victim family representative from Kaohsiung City, said after attending a memorial at the 228 Peace Memorial Park in Taipei on Sunday that he was only five when the incident broke out, so he could feel the pain for those who lost their loved ones, such as the bereft families of those who died in the Feb. 6 earthquake.     [FULL  STORY]

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