Criticism continues over DPP labor bill

‘UNFORTUNATE’: Taipei’s top labor official decried the manner in which the legislation cleared committee and said that it would leave local governments unprepared

Taipei Times
Date: Dec 06, 2017
By: Lee I-chia  /  Staff reporter, with CNA

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) yesterday received more criticism for failing to observe

Government and opposition lawmakers on Monday struggle for control of the podium at a joint meeting of the legislature’s Economics Committee and Social Welfare and Environmental Hygiene Committee in Taipei to discuss proposed amendments to the Labor Standards Act.  Photo: CNA

legislative procedures during a review on Monday of a controversial amendment to the Labor Standards Act (勞動基準法).

With the aim of the amendment going into effect early next year, the DPP hoped to push it through legislative committee review by Thursday at the latest to pave the way for its passage by Dec. 31.

The bill, which includes several revisions aimed at increasing flexibility for work hours, is highly controversial and strongly opposed by some labor groups.

Two of eight revisions were approved before the DPP decided just before 10pm on Monday to pass the remaining six as a package, in effect ramming them through committee review without discussion.

The measures are now to be sent for cross-party consultation, which can last up to a month, before the amendment can be voted on by a plenary session.    [FULL  STORY]

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