Critics slam military ‘malingerers’

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 01, 2016
By: Jason Pan / Staff reporter

Pundits and legislators are criticizing the Ministry of National Defense for what they described as its failure to stem a flood of military personnel leaving the service by questionable means.

Ministry officials fielded criticism and questions at a public hearing last week organized by New Power Party Legislator Hung Tzu-yung (洪慈庸), which was held to address the options for “exit strategies” for officers who want to retire or take up jobs in the civilian sector.

The issue has gained notoriety in recent weeks, with reports saying that some armed forces units have unusually high numbers of officers being treated for psychiatric disorders at military hospitals.

Legislators have called for an investigation to be launched, after it was alleged that many of those claiming mental-health issues were faking their symptoms to gain a doctor’s diagnosis that would enable them to quit or retire, with senior officers able to draw large pensions.

In one case, a naval officer surnamed Yang (楊) received NT$500,000 in pension, NT$500,000 from a medical insurance he had paid for just prior to developing the alleged illness and a daily hospital allowance of between NT$2,000 and NT$4,000, all the while collecting his monthly salary, reports said.     [FULL  STORY]

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