CWB revises temperature forecast downward to 8 degrees C Sunday

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/03/22
By: Wang Shu-fen and Lilian Wu

Taipei, March 22 (CNA) A strong cold air mass will affect Taiwan until Sunday, 201603220033t0001with the temperature predicted to drop as low as 8 degrees Celsius, the Central Weather Bureau said Tuesday.

The CWB said that the cold weather will arrive Wednesday, accompanied by rains, with the effects lasting until Sunday.

It had originally forecast that lows in northern Taiwan would be as low as 9 degrees, but said the weather on Sunday will turn from wet to dry cold.

A Japanese private weather forecasting firm predicted a day earlier that the mercury in Taipei could dip as low as 5 degrees, and some netizens in Taiwan have mocked the CWB for often giving a wrong forecast, resulting in CWB head Shin Tzay-chyn (辛在勤) complaining in a Facebook post that Taiwanese have no confidence in their own forecasters.      [SOURCE]

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