Donald Trump adviser indicated Taiwan stance

UPSTART:Peter Navarro has said that China’s actions toward Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines are not the actions of a nation with several thousand years of history

Taipei Times
Date: Nov 13, 2016
By: Nadia Tsao and William Hetherington / Staff reporter in Washington, with Staff Writer

One of US president-elect Donald Trump’s foreign policy advisers, Peter Navarro, in July spoke about Taiwan-China relations, praising Taiwan’s democracy and criticizing China for its treatment of Hong Kong and its regional neighbors.

At the time, Navarro said that he was not qualified to officially represent Trump’s position, but he reaffirmed that the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) and former US president Ronald Reagan’s “six assurances” would remain the foundation of the US’ approach to cross-strait relations.

Reagan issued the “six assurances” in 1982.

The assurances stipulate that the US will not set an end date to arms sales to Taiwan, will not alter the TRA, will not hold consultations with China over arms sales to Taiwan, will not mediate between Taiwan and China, will not pressure Taiwan to negotiate with China and will not alter its position regarding Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan.    [FULL  STORY]

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