Don’t Listen To China: U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan Are Right Thing to Do

Despite the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s obligatory objection to new arms sales, the United States needs to sustain the diplomatic commitments maintained by the last nine presidents.

The National Interest
Date: October 2, 2018  
By: Dean Cheng

The United States on Sept. 24 announced a new set of arms sales to Taiwan. Valued at $330 million, this sale comprises  mainly spare parts and equipment to support Taiwan’s air force, including its F-16s and C-130s.

This marks the second major arms sale to Taiwan by the Trump administration, following a $1.4 billion sale in June 2017 that included long-range missiles and heavy torpedoes.

Not surprisingly, Beijing promptly denounced the sale. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman  declared that “the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan severely violates the international law [and] the basic norms governing international relations.”

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