Dozens of Taiwan and Hong Kong singers, musicians produce song against extradition bill

Taiwan News
Date: 2019/06/28
By:  Central News Agency

Taipei (CNA) – More than 20 Taiwanese and Hong Kong singers, composers and other music

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho (By Associated Press)

professionals have produced a song in support of Hong Kong's anti-extradition bill movement, which will take to the streets again on July 1 to demand the bill's withdrawal.

The song, released Friday, is titled "cheng" (撐) in Mandarin, which roughly translated means "support" or "having one's back."

The Mandarin character is part of a slogan — Taiwan cheng Hong Kong (台灣撐香港) — that was chanted by demonstrators who rallied in Taiwan earlier this month to support the Hong Kong protests.

"The idea of producing the song came into being after a bunch of us talked about (the anti-extradition bill movement) two weeks ago," award-winning Taiwanese music producer Blaire Ko (柯智豪), who oversaw the song's production, told CNA on Friday.    [FULL  STORY]

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