Drunk slit his neighbour’s dog’s throat because it kept barking through the night after killer had been to a bar in Taiwan

Li Chien, 30, became annoyed by neighbour’s barking dog Lucky. Using a bread knife, a heavily intoxicated Li slit Lucky’s throat. Owner Tang Chao found his dog dead in a pool of blood in his yard

Daily Mail
Date: 7 April 2015
By: Sara Malm for MailOnline

A drunk Chinese man became so annoyed at his neighbour’s dog barking that he killed it by Drunk Slashes Dogs Throat Open For Barking Drunk Slashes Dogs Throat Open For Barkingslashing its throat.

Li Chien, 30, had been visiting a nearby pub in Xiulin Township in north-eastern Taiwan’s Hualien county, when his bed-time ritual was interrupted by the dog from next door.

According to police reports, Li grabbed a bread knife from his kitchen and went to his neighbour’s yard where he slit the throat of the mixed-breed called Lucky.

Dog murder: Li Chien, 30, had been visiting a nearby pub in Xiulin Township, Hualien county, and became annoyed with a dog owned by neighbour Tang Chao, right, on his way home and killed it

The animal was found several hours later by his distraught owner Tang Chao, 40, who called police.     [FULL  STORY]

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