Economic concerns stall working women’s plans to have children

The China Post
Date: May 9, 2017
By: Kuan-lin Liu

TAIPEI, Taiwan — With Mother’s Day just around the corner, local job bank 1111

A mother feeds her child at the press event held by the job bank 1111 in Taipei on Monday, May 8. (CNA)

released its latest survey report on working women’s family planning in Taiwan on Monday.

Although most working women surveyed (78 percent) reported a desire to have a family, 22 percent did not want to have kids, primarily due to concerns regarding an inability to afford the expenses related to raising children (28.8 percent).

Economic concerns have long been a factor in whether couples choose to have children, with stagnant wages and economic volatility making Taiwan one of the countries with the lowest total fertility rates.

In the two decades from 1996 to 2016, Taiwan’s crude birth rate fell from 15.18 births per 1000 total population to 8.86 births per 1000 total population, 1111 found.

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