Economics minister optimistic about nuclear-free Taiwan by 2025

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/05/25
By: Milly Lin, Huang Chiao-wen and Elizabeth Hsu

Taipei, May 25 (CNA) With the doubtful goal of transforming Taiwan into a nuclear-free area

Economics Minister Lee Chih-kung (李世光)

Economics Minister Lee Chih-kung (李世光)

by 2025, new Economics Minister Lee Chih-kung (李世光) appeared Wednesday to be optimistic that it can be achieved without the risk of electricity rationing.

“Between today and 2025, we have nine years to prepare,” Lee said in his first press conference since assuming office May 20.

Some people have predicted that Taiwan will be doomed if it has no nuclear power plants, but Lee said that is a simplistic viewpoint.

With nine years to prepare, as long as “we continue to introduce green energy and raise the efficiency of thermal power plants, power rationing will not be inevitable, even if electricity reserves drop below 7.4 percent,” Lee said.     [FULL  STYORY]

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