Economics minister plugs data-sharing plan

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2017-09-15

The economics ministry will seek to promote industrial data-sharing between Taiwan

(CNA file photo)

and other nations. That was the word from the economics minister, Shen Jong-chin, on Friday.

Shen was speaking at the opening of the 2017 International Data Economy Summit held in Taipei. He said data-sharing on an industrial level is highly important in the digital economy. He cited a 2015 EU report and said that the market for data-sharing is projected to be worth US$385 billion. He said the economics ministry will help promote data-sharing among Taiwan’s local industries.

Shen said, “The Industrial Development Bureau began pushing for the open sharing of data among local industries since the end of 2013. By providing guidance and assistance, and by organizing competitions [for local industries], we were able to encourage 50 companies and 143 creative teams to develop 234 new apps on data-sharing. These apps have so far been used 7.68 million times, and helped attract new investment and generate revenue totaling over US$22 million.”

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