Efforts to penalize retired top brass for acts in China stall

Taipei Times
Date: Jun 05, 2017
By: Tseng Wei-chen / Staff reporter

Legislative efforts to deter retired military officials from engaging in activities in China that hurt the nation’s international standing have been stymied as lawmakers wait for the Executive Yuan to submit a proposed amendment to the Legislative Yuan.

The first such incident to gain widespread coverage involved former Veterans Affairs Council deputy minister Hsu Li-nung (許歷農) and 22 other veterans who visited China in April 2010, followed closely by a delegation of 57 retired generals led by former deputy minister of national defense Wang Wen-hsieh (王文燮), which visited a temple dedicated to the Yellow Emperor.

The following month, retired admiral Huang Hsin-chiang (黃幸強) and 26 former top brass took part in a golf event with Chinese officials.

While then-president Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) administration repeatedly urged senior retirees not to visit China, former National Defense University president Hsia Ying-chou (夏瀛洲) was quoted as saying “the Republic of China [ROC]} Army and the People’s Liberation Army are both staffed for the reunification of the Zhonghua minzu [Chinese ethnic group, 中華民族].”    [FULL  STORY]

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