El Salvador corruption probe investigates US$10 million in Taiwan donations, ‘diverted to ruling party’

Prosecutors say the funds were donated by Taiwan to El Salvador’s foreign ministry, but were spent on the election campaign of President Salvador Sanchez Ceren

South Chna Morning Post 
Date: 14 September, 2018

Prosecutors in El Salvador are investigating the alleged diversion of some US$10 million in funds donated by Taiwan and purportedly used to pay for political campaigning by the governing party.

Prosecutor Douglas Melendez said on Thursday in a television interview that the money came from US$38 million that Taipei gave to the Foreign Ministry for various projects.

Melendez alleged the funds were diverted to the presidency and “apparently used in a partisan campaign” under then President Mauricio Funes in elections won by current President Salvador Sanchez Ceren, an FMLN party ally of Funes.

Melendez said ex-Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez has been questioned because it was under his watch that the money was allegedly passed to the presidency.

El Salvador cuts Taiwan links as island loses yet another ally
Martinez is the party’s candidate for the presidential election next year.   [FULL  STORY]

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