Elders touched by students Taiwan tour to protest altered curricula

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-07-29
By Jocylin FC, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Two students who protested against altered curricula by travelling around Taiwan on foot

Elders touched by students Taiwan tour.  Central News Agency

Elders touched by students Taiwan tour. Central News Agency

touched the heart of a 72 years old lady.

Taichung Mayor Lin Chia-lung said the municipal city recently received a letter from a grandmother whose last name is Chen. In the letter, the grandmother stated her admiration for the students, and she wishes the mayor can pass on NT30, 000 in the package to the students.

Grandmother Chen said on the letter that she is now 72 years old. She heard from the news that 2 youngsters spend 25 days to walk throughout the nation to voice their opposition towards the altered curricula. Chen is touched by their determination. She wanted to help them out but she cannot ride scooters or drive a car. The only thing she knows is the students will arrive at Taichung municipal government building.     [FULL  STORY]

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