ELECTIONS: KMT accused of illegal mobilization of public servants

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 15, 2016
By Loa Iok-sin / Staff reporter
The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) yesterday accused Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) presidential candidate Eric Chu (朱立倫), who is also New Taipei City mayor, of illegally mobilizing New Taipei City government employees to take part in a KMT campaign parade.

Holding up copies of a mobilization document at a media conference at DPP headquarters in Taipei, party spokesperson Wang Min-sheng (王閔生) said that the KMT document assigned the job of coordination not only to KMT staff members, but also district office employees to attend a campaign parade in New Taipei City’s Yingge District (鶯歌).

The document said that crowds need to be placed along the parade route, waving flags to show Chu is well supported.     [FULL  STORY]

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